LIBOR Special Report - Murex Q&A

In this segment of the LIBOR Special Report delivered by, Alexandre Bon, Murex head of marketing for APAC, shares his thoughts on how COVID-19 is impacting preparations for the LIBOR transition.


LIBOR Virtual Week

In this online industry event hosted by, listen to Didier Loiseau, Global head of rates, bonds and credit at Murex, as he shares his thoughts on the new world of risk-free rate benchmarks in the transition phase.


Why the time is right to embrace Agile

Now with the requirement for companies to accelerate digital transformation and update legacy software in response to a very wide and sudden global crisis such as Covid-19, thinking in a more agile way is now more important than ever.


How to Build a Successful Capital Markets IT Transformation

In this blog, learn how Murex is committed to long-term investment in capital markets technology, and what is required for a successful capital markets IT Transformation to take place.


The impact of COVID-19 on key global financial regulatory reforms

In this blog, learn more about some of the key global financial regulations that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and how this will impact regulatory compliance and related IT transformation projects.


Capital Markets IT Transformation: Why now?

In this article, find out why now is the right time for banks to transform their IT systems through of a unified, built for purpose capital markets technology platform, striking the right balance between standardization and flexibility.


Transforming Trading, Risk and Operations

Listen to Stella Clarke, Murex CMO, explain what is at the heart of the Murex offering, MX.3, a centralised platform to help firms develop a unified view on trading, risk, collateral, finance and operations.


RiskTech 100 2020 Winners' Review: Murex

In this report, find out why Murex has been recognized by Chartis as a leading market risk solution provider for the sell-side, and how it maintains its top ten position in this year’s RiskTech100® ranking.

Case Study

The National Bank of Canada Accelerates Deployments at Scale

In this case study by the National Bank of Canada (NBC), learn how the bank is now able to provision new MX.3 instances in minutes instead of months and get better visibility into costs by using AWS cloud.