How to Build a Successful Capital Markets IT Transformation


Paris, France, 5 May 2020

A perspective from Stella Clarke, CMO at Murex

Following Murex’s successes at the Risk Awards 2020, CMO, Stella Clarke, explained in an interview with, how technology is playing a major role in reshaping the risk and capital markets industry, and what is at the heart of the Murex offering. With the current challenges and market volatility, access to accurate real-time data is more critical than ever. Now is the time for banks to take advantage of the new opportunities presented to transform legacy IT landscapes, helping to achieve data consolidation, simplification and cost reduction.

Fundamentally, simplifying the IT landscape is key to securing access to trustworthy data and enabling success. This is what Murex is striving to provide in today’s environment. A growing demand for real-time digital services, and an increased pace of regulatory change places even more importance on IT transformation.

Murex is considered a trusted IT partner and is committed to long-term investment in capital markets technology. Our centralised platform, MX.3, helps firms develop a unified view on trading, risk, collateral, finance and operations. It offers an array of features to answer customers’ needs, but three of the key benefits of MX.3 are:

  • It is a highly scalable and highly engineered platform benefitting from the latest technology
  • Gives traders the access to real-time positions and risk management cross-asset
  • Runs efficiently on the cloud or on premise and provides access to the wider market ecosystem

From our experience, a successful capital markets IT transformation requires a long-term commitment from the board, decisive management, and the right technology solution to reach the desired end-state. The path to success can vary and can depend on your starting point. While some favour a step by step approach over the years, more drastic innovative approaches are now possible to allow changes across multiple parallel streams to deliver incremental value thanks to the adoption of continuous delivery, cloud and DevOps approaches.

Ultimately, beyond technology, success requires investment in people, process standardization, and automation, to achieve all the benefits.

One of Murex’s first taglines read “Pioneering Again”, and this remains the bedrock for the culture and values represented throughout Murex to this day. Our MX.3 platform is now the fourth-generation platform in just under 35 years of existence, which is testament to the drive for constant improvement and innovation.                                                                                                               

We ourselves recognized that it was time for change, and so, embraced agility at scale and DevOps principle within our own software factory. This change was paramount to enable Murex to satisfy customers’ needs and expectations in an ever-changing marketplace. We are determined to ensure the continuous evolution and innovation of our platform for the benefit of our customers.

Watch the full interview for more on this or download our white paper "Building the Capital Markets Technology of the Future".

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