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VIDEO: Expert Talk, Build or Buy? Why Banks Should Take a Hybrid Approach to Their IT


To maintain control and efficiency, banks should take a hybrid approach to their technology management. The fundamental consideration is do they build, or do they buy technology. Additionally, they must consider how that technology is managed and operated; do they fully own it themselves, mutualize with partners, or outsource completely.

In this video, Maroun Edde, CEO at Murex, examines the challenge and advises banks to take a hybrid approach. He believes they should invest in buying the core of the infrastructure they need and build only what is unique to them, the analytical tools and algorithms needed to support their strategies. However, even when buying and outsourcing technology, ownership and control must remain with the bank.

As banks balance the technology management challenges of buying, building and outsourcing parts of their infrastructure, Murex is here to advise and support, with our product MX.3 sitting at the heart of your infrastructure to help make the connections.

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