Quality Control Tester

The Quality Control Testing Team

This team is based mainly in our Beirut office and works closely with product managers, developers, test automation engineers and the client-facing teams.

The role of A Quality Control Tester

Working closely with your team, you have the opportunity to test, analyze, conclude and continuously innovate. Your aim is to ensure the overall quality of all Murex releases and to enhance the quality and performance for any given module.

Your role is to maintain and enrich our regression testing methodologies, and ensure that the continuous integration of new features does not negatively impact the global quality of the platform. You also design plan and execute ad-hoc manual test campaigns targeting specific client test cases and coverage gaps.

What are we looking for in our Quality Control Testers?

In terms of technical skills, our Quality Control Testers do not have to be developers, but should be comfortable working with technical tools such as UNIX, SQL, VBA and Excel.

Quality Control Testing roles are open to graduate as well as experienced candidates. As a minimum, you should have:

  • Proven analytical skills: ability to analyze and efficiently interpret data and test results and recommend appropriate actions.

  • Critical thinking capabilities: provide input on test plans, test assessments and risk analysis.

  • A willingness to learn: the testing world is continuously evolving in line with new testing techniques, new platform features and the evolution of our clients’ business.

  • A flexible mindset: changes in scope, timelines and priorities can and do happen; at such times, an adaptable approach is required.

  • Good communication skills: as well as interdepartmental communication, you must report and present a high level analysis of results and risks, as well as suggesting required actions. You need to gain buy-in from all associated stakeholders to agree ways forward and future testing strategies.