Project Manager in Development

The role of the Project Manager in Development

Your role in the Development is to provide project management support for software development projects. You help define project objectives, as well as plan and organize the resources and required actions. Throughout a project, you ensure that the schedule, budget and scope are respected and that any gaps in the brief or the spec are highlighted and solutions found.

What are we looking for in our Development Project Managers?

Project Management roles in Development are open to experienced candidates only. As a minimum, you should have:

  • Previous experience in the management of software development projects

  • A proven organized, analytical and methodological approach

  • Excellent interpersonal skills; this is key, as you will need to be both a leader and a team player, capable of inspiring and influencing people across different geographical regions and within different teams

  • The desire to work in a collaborative, multicultural and international environment

Project Management opportunities

Why choose Murex?

For a new graduate or even an experienced candidate, life at Murex is a rich and intense multicultural experience; it’s a ‘sleeves up, hands on’, hi-tech environment, where the projects are varied and the view global. Based in one of 17 offices around the world, you learn alongside the experts. We give you the opportunity to show what you can do, and the right to autonomy from the start.

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