Software Development Team

At Murex, Software Developers create and improve our product’s code for several hundred clients globally. Our development teams ensure that all code is of highest quality by adhering to industry-leading execution standards and investing in developer-led automated testing. We pride ourselves in championing latest methodologies and we’re big proponents of Agile, 4 eyes programming, test-driven development and continuous integration. These practices and principles are embedded throughout the entire Product Development Division ensuring alignment, collaboration and delivery across a large number of agile teams.

Our software developers are also part of a tight knit community: experiences and lessons learned are shared through our internal digital communities and events such as: meet-ups, coding-dojos, conferences, coding games and hackathons. We provide on-going training cycles for multiple programming languages, we have our own methodologies that we readily share and always encourage grassroots and peer to peer learning initiatives.

Functional Software Developer

As a Functional Software Developer, working closely with our Product Evolution Team, your role is to develop new features or products for a particular area...

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Technical Software Developer

As a Technical Software Developer working alongside the Functional Software Developers, your role is to develop the functionalities in the technical layers of our platform...

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Why choose Murex?

For a new graduate or even an experienced candidate, life at Murex is a rich and intense multicultural experience; it’s a ‘sleeves up, hands on’, hi-tech environment, where the projects are varied and the view global. Based in one of 17 offices around the world, you learn alongside the experts. We give you the opportunity to show what you can do, and the right to autonomy from the start.

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