Students at Murex

Get a taste of technology in finance

Consistent with our company values, we treat our interns with the same respect as everyone else at Murex.  You are part of a team, working on real issues and making a real difference. You are assigned intelligent projects and a manager who provides constructive feedback and guidance to help you successfully fulfill your internship.

Want to understand what theory looks like in practice?

Every internship is tailor-made, depending on the needs of our teams, and typically can cover areas such as client support, application design and development, system and network database issues. But just know that wherever you go, your contribution counts.

It matters to us that you enjoy your first taste of technology in finance. After all, it may lead to a permanent position with us at the end of your internship, or once you have completed your studies.

Where do you go from here?

Our internships are open to final year students from engineering and business colleges keen to discover more about financial software consulting or technical/functional software development. 

Scan our job search engine to find out more about the different types of internships we currently offer.

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