Consultant - Product & Architecture (PAC)

Ref : JRQ$-23747



Job description

You will participate in proactive client support through every product life cycle (pre-sales, implementation and support) of the integration of Murex enterprise system (technical quality and cost) in clients' MIS environment.  This will require full understanding of the functional environment & strong technical knowledge.



  • Point of contact for Murex system architecture technical issues
  • Assist client in sizing, setting up, monitoring and maintaining their infrastructure (hardware & software on which the Murex platform is run)
  • Participates in the analysis and improvement of the system’s stability, reliability and performance:   issue analysis, benchmarking, code purification, performance profiling

No on-site help-desk-type job.



Systems:  Good knowledge of Windows/Unix (Solaris, Linux)

Database: Good knowledge of SQL.  Good knowledge of either Oracle or Sybase (DB administration level preferred). 

Software engineering:  Programming language (Good knowledge of one of C, C++, Java)

Language:          Japanese – native equiv., English – business level (you need to be able to explain the system issue and solution in each language.)

Related business experience:  2 yrs+, e.g. (not limited to the following)

  • Software engineer regardless of industry
  • IT department at financial institution or technical support for Front/Middle office
  • Online game tester, including bug cleaning, performance correction
  • Developer of smart phone system, online games
  • Wireless AI control of electric car


Educational background in computer science preferred


Desire & ability to learn across different expertise such as Operating Systems, Programming, Database

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