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Job description

The Murex S.E.A Internship is offered to those in their penultimate or final year of study. It is designed to give students a first-hand experience of what a career in a leading financial software company is really like.

Our interns participate fully in Murex’s unique culture starting on the first day of their arrival. They will work alongside experienced consultants and will receive intensive training, both formal and informal. Our interns will be thoroughly challenged with demanding projects critical to our success.


During the internship, Undergraduates or Master will get the opportunity to be trained on the Java technology which is a central component of Murex applications as well as the functional modules relating to Front office , Risk Management, Post-Trade Processing and Finance.

Knowledge about the various treasury financial products will be gradually passed on as they work alongside experienced consultants in completing real-life projects.

As a student intern, he/she will be given three weeks of training on the technology as well as business concepts. Following that they will be assigned to a project team. The assignments will evolve and vary based on the intern’s ability. Basic assignments will involve performing non-regression tests as well as validating new functionalities. Advanced assignments will involve full participation in project implementations and client workshop to understand clients’ requirements and propose an end-to-end solution. The most successful interns will advance quickly into advanced roles and will be offered full time positions upon graduation.