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Marketing Internship

Ref : JRQ$202-12922



Job description

Murex is a leader in the provision of trading and risk management technology. Established in Paris in 1986, Murex opened its Dublin office in 2001 to co ordinate the worldwide development, sales and support of its cutting edge risk management technology. Murex software is used by the world's leading investment banks, asset managers, hedge funds, commodity houses and corporations to price, analyse and manage their derivative exposures for foreign exchange, interest rate, equity, commodity, inflation and credit derivatives.


Murex has had to continuously adapt in order to maintain its leadership in the fast-paced, global and highly competitive industry in which it operates. The result is a dynamic, fast growing company where team players with initiative can take responsibility quickly. Murex is growing by 20-30 per cent every year in terms of both sales and staff count.


The Murex Marketing team is currently engaged in implementing a substantial programme that influences all 2,147 employees, not to mention the positioning of Murex in the capital markets world globally.

This ambitious programme offers significant learning opportunities for candidates who have a passion for capital markets, positive globalisation, an excellent track record of both study and practice in whatever endeavours they have been involved in to date. Autonomous working, self-drive and outcome-focussed delivery is a given at Murex: this is especially true given within the marketing team.


A passion for and willingness to travel for short periods during the internship is desirable. Some internships may involve an extended stay in another office during the internship, depending on the individual’s work programme.

Depending on the ability, interests and suitability of the successful candidates, specific tasks will be assigned to each individual intern on an ongoing basis. The tasks will afford ample opportunity for learning in a collaborative working environment across multiple locations and time zones.


Current examples include:


  • Enriching Murex’ client profiles as part of the CRM enrichment project
  • Gathering competitive intelligence on Murex competitors
  • Researching specific target segments
  • Contributing to campaign formulation and execution for targeted segments
  • Contributing to campaign formulation and execution for targeted business solutions
  • Producing content as part of a campaign e.g. client case study, infographic, website blurb, topical whitepaper, technology blueprint, digital ad, print ad (industry magazine/journal) etc.
  • Contributing to event production in European locations