Murex has a long history of successful partnerships with System Integrators (SI).

We strongly believe in the complementary nature of our offerings:

  • Murex striving to propose a best in class Trading, Risk Management and Processing enterprise platform
  • System Integrators (SIs) providing the most up-to-date and efficient consulting, integration, implementation and application maintenance services around this platform

The richness of our solutions and our constant efforts to lower our clients’ Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) impel us to work closely on knowledge transfer, sharing of methodologies and best practices, as well as alignment of roles and organised communication.

Murex’ SI Partners include both global consulting companies and smaller specialised firms. The capital markets expertise and the wealth of services they offer to our customers, span from business requirement collection, to project management, system design, configuration, integration and testing. They are decisive in ensuring smooth deployment of our applications, maximizing functionality and user acceptance, and rapidly achieving return on investment.

While building our SI network we keep a special attention in maintaining a good balance between coverage - worldwide presence, market segments, consulting, functional & technical skills set and quality.

Our partnership programs are tiered into two levels: Alliance Partners and Business Partners.

Alliance Partners Business Partners
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