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    Meet Murex at SIBOS Boston


    Murex at Sibos Boston 2014

                                  Meet Murex at Sibos Boston

    will be joining once again over 6,000 financial practitioners, at SIBOS, the Swift International Banking Operations Seminar, taking place this year in Boston from September 29th to October 2nd.

    Schedule a meeting or Register to our business sessions to discover how the continuous dialogue with over 40,000 users, positions MX.3™ as the key component of a strategy designed to address the need for control and transparency stemming from the latest cleared derivatives regulations while curbing overall systemic risk.

    Request a private meeting to discuss your specific business and technology needs.
    • OTC and Exchange Traded Derivatives convergence
    • "Pushing the collateral frontier"
    • MX.3™ platform, overview & latest innovations
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    For further information on our participation at Sibos, visit our Murex@Sibos website and contact us at sibos@murex.com.

    Come along to hear Heykel Jelassi, Murex Chief Back Office Architect, on:
    "Evolving challenges in assets valuation. The fair value from trading to accounting"

    AGEFI AMTech Day, Paris - 30th September 2014

    Murex is a proud sponsor of the 5th annual AGEFI AMtech day 2014, which will be held on September 30th, 2014 at the Salons Hoche, Paris, France.
    The event will bring together professionals and asset management solution providers around a program of conferences and workshops on strategic issues for the industry including regulatory compliance, streamlining product lines, development of risk management.

    8th Collateral Management, Amsterdam - 16-17 October 2014

    Murex is delighted to announce its participation to the 8th annual Collateral Management Forum  held at the Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel, from 16 to 17 October 2014, in the Netherlands.
    The This year, the Forum focuses on:
    - Impact of the regulatory reform: Evaluation
    - Centralised OTC clearing
    - Collateral transformation, optimization technology

    On October 17th at 11:20 am, Eoin Ó Ceallacháin, Murex, Product Manager – Collateral Management & Margining Solutions, will be hosting the following presentation: "Streamlining your Collateral Management Inventory to achieve an Enterprise View of your Assets".


      Download the Finadium Murex White Paper

      Finadium Murex Preparing for Risk-Based Margining of Non-Cleared Derivatives June 2014Preparing for Risk-Based Margining of Non-Cleared Derivatives

      When new recommendations on non-cleared derivatives were finalized by BCBS/IOSCO in September 2013, it was the next step in years of efforts on how to protect the financial system from the derivatives-borne systemic risk coming from bilaterally traded derivatives. As these recommendations become rules in various jurisdictions, financial market participants must evaluate how to best implement them.

      This report focuses on strategies and preparations for risk-based margining and collateral management in the non-cleared derivatives arena. Initial margin (IM) in particular will change meaningfully as regulators shift to a "defaulter pays" model. The credit exposure that was embedded in bilateral derivatives, and especially those historically without IM requirements, will require a new operationalization of more risk-sensitive collateral management. Variation Margin (VM) siloing by asset class and its inherent complications should also be considered. Banks and investors need to understand what the changes are, if and when those changes impact them, and what choices they need to make as a result.

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      Download the Intedelta Murex CVA White Paper

      DownloadComplimentary access to the White paper :
      “CVA and Counterparty Risk Management: a survey of management, measurement and systems”

      Regulatory pressures force pace of change in counterparty risk/CVA management but wide variation in practices remain

      The paper presents the results of a survey that looks to establish the management processes, measurement and systems that banks use to control counterparty risk paying particular focus on two important metrics in counterparty risk: Potential Future Exposure (PFE) and Credit Valuation Adjustment (CVA). 19 banks participated in the survey from a broad spread of geographies and sizes, ranging from some of the largest investment banks to small regional players.

      Key poIntedelta Murex CVA White Paper May 2014ints from the survey:

      • The unclear/evolving regulatory landscape is the biggest challenge cited by banks in implementing their counterparty risk/CVA platforms.  Data issues were the second biggest challenge
      • The new standardised approach for measuring counterparty risk recently issued by the BIS will force banks off more simplistic measures of regulatory capital measurement and may prompt more banks to move directly to the Internal Model Method
      • Half of surveyed banks have already established a CVA desk. Majority of remainder have plans to do so
      • Just under half of surveyed banks carry out some form of CVA hedging. The absence of liquid Credit Default Swaps for many counterparties prevents more extensive use of hedging
      • Advances in counterparty risk/CVA require major investment in systems platforms. Despite the synergies between CVA and counterparty exposure only 17% of banks use the same platform. We expect this to increase over time

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       3.Industry Recognition

      Murex | Vendor of choice 2013: Global Risk Technology Rankings & Asia Risk Technology Rankings

      Murex | Leading provider of Enterprise Risk Management Solutions in Banking Technology’s Readers’ Choice Awards 2013

      Banking Technology's Reader's Choice Awards 2013

      Murex recognized as a leading provider of Enterprise Risk Management Solutions in Banking Technology’s Readers’ Choice Awards 2013

      Paris, France, Nov. 26, 2013 – Murex, the leading provider of cross-asset trading, risk management and processing solutions, is pleased to announce it has been voted winner of the Best Risk Management Product category in the 2013 Banking Technology Readers’ Choice Awards

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